Friday, June 30, 2006

the notion

Of course what new media art needs is another blog, right? The idea here - and that's all it is for now - is to write about specific work in depth, with a theoretical or critical bent; not so newsy, slower moving (= lower traffic), and liable therefore to be behind the times and so on. If I'm working on a paper then this will be a place where semi-formed chunks of speculation and kite-flying will appear in advance of the finished product. Otherwise it can host the stuff that doesn't end up in papers. The work covered will likely be generative, data-driven and/or audiovisual, but could well be none of those...

The name, by the way, is recycled from an old sound/music project of mine. I discovered a while ago that I'd accidentally taken it from Brian Massumi's A User's Guide to Capitalism and Schizophrenia.

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